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2016 Haiti Mission Trip

Day 1 – Travel Day was very eventful and exciting! We started off early this morning at 4:45am arrival at the airport in Charlotte. We checked in 20 large duffel bags of shoes, clothes and books for transportation to Haiti. Thankfully all 25 members of our mission trip party made it to the airport and eventually to Haiti. We traveledfrom Haiti to Miami where we caught our connecting flight. Once in the airport in Haiti we were faced with long lines in customs but it went relatively fast and we were on our way to baggage claim. Unfortunately one of our group leader’s bag was lost. We are praying that it will arrive tomorrow. Exiting the airport through the chaotic mass of traffic and people was VERY interesting as our US travelers received a harsh introduction to live in Haiti. We took what I like to call the sights, sounds and smells tour around Port Au Prince. Eye Opening! Following that we travelled to the hotel, got some rest and reported to dinner. Some of our young people tried several traditional Haitian meals including fried and roasted goat. We end our meal with evening devotional and debriefing. Some young men are swimming while many are getting ready for bed as we have a long day tomorrow! Stay Tuned!!!!


Day #2 – YBM 2016 Haiti Mission Trip
A great day of impact and service in Haiti.
The day started early with an amazing devotional from Janylah Smith, followed by our morning briefing. We traveled through the Haiti gridlock to a Heartline Ministry property called the OK Corral, where we sorted and prepared our shoes and supplies for the day. We then traveled up the beautiful Haitian mountainside and arrived at the Baptiste Haiti Mission (BHM). BHM was started in 1946 and currently has over 350 schools and 350 churches and serves several thousand people Haiti wide. We had the pleasure of fellowshipping with one of the founders, Elanore Turnbull, over lunch. From there we traveled further up the mountain to Eglise Evangelique church, where we performed a shoe distribution for over 150 children. During the shoe distribution, we washed the children’s feet, provided them with a new pair of shoes, and prayed with them. We also provided the children with clothes and the ladies of YBW painted the girls nails, which was a VERY big hit. After the emotional service day, we traveled to the Heartline guest house where we debriefed. During the debrief, YBM Ambassador William Gibson said, “I was moved by the innocence in the eyes of the children when I washed their feet.” We closed out the day with an evening devotional from Lauren Merritt.

Please continue to pray for our Director of International Travel, Mr. Tony Reed, who has worked so hard these past many months to coordinate this trip for us. His luggage has still not arrived, which can be quite frustrating and difficult.

Day #3 – Out of Chaos Comes Peace
How do you describe chaos? Better yet, how can you describe the sights, sounds and smells of a chaotic city that is always bustling? That is precisely our challenge in describing our experience yesterday.
While we had an awesome day, we spent a large portion of the day in traffic soaking in the true essence of Haiti. At one point, we sat gridlocked for 1.5 hours and only traveled one quarter of a mile! During this time, we did get a chance to watch all the cars, motorcycles, and people hustle nowhere fast. It was truly a saddening and amazing sight at the same time.
We started the day with a great devotional from YBW’s Paula Wambui. We also celebrated Ambassador Austin Bennett’s birthday and completed our morning briefing. We then traveled to downtown Port-Au-Prince for a cultural experience at the center of town followed by a trip to a Haitian museum of history. This was followed by a shoe distribution at a church, where we washed feet and provided shoes for 90+ young Haitian people. We also painted some of the children’s fingernails and awarded them with lollipops. We presented the Church Pastor with a soccer ball from YBM. We wrapped up the day with a devotional by Austin Bennett.

Day #4-Out of Chaos Comes Peace
“Who knew you could get some much service done in one day?” asked one of our team members after a great day of service. Yesterday, we painted the outside of the Church of Shambone and set up an education center that included a computer lab and a library of over three hundred books. We also played soccer with the young boys and painted the nails of the young girls. This was a day of mentorship and servant leadership for our young people. Our young leaders were able to see their hard work of fundraising and their book drive make an impact on the children of Haiti. The Pastor of the church said that the computer lab has planted a seed that will help them for generations to come. We are building global leaders who are impacting the world!
Stay Tuned!

Additionally, we are delighted to report that our Director of International Travel, Mr. Tony Reed’s luggage has been located, and is being sent to Haiti. He should be able to pick it up after church today. Tony extends his sincere gratitude to everyone who prayed.


Day #5 – A great day in Haiti. Today was our last full day in Haiti and we spent it in service to the children of Haiti. Our plan was to perform a shoe distribution in the morning and travel to the beach in the afternoon; however; we know that God has the final say of all plans. We spent the morning after breakfast and devotional waiting for Mr. Tony to get his luggage which he was unfortunately unable to secure. So we decided to complete our mission of service to the children of Haiti. We traveled across the city to a wonderful church that was jammed packed full of beautiful children who were super excited to see us. We performed a shoe distribution to over 100+ children and adults. We painted nails, played soccer and prayed over the entire village. This was a beautiful conclusion to our service in Haiti.
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My son and I attended the conference on Saturday and the one word I use to describe it was WOW! I received such insight that I know will benefit my son to be a strong leader.

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