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The YBM Leadership Alliance is a leading college preparation and leadership development program for young black men. Our vision is to create a new reality where young black men are sought out as leaders. We accomplish this by promoting positive images about young black men, developing their leadership capabilities, and imparting a goal for academic excellence. Our young men are trained to be leaders today and are prepared for leadership tomorrow. They give back by mentoring younger students, performing community service, and public speaking.


The YBM Leadership Alliance’s mission is to develop young black men into 21st century Leaders by exposing them to positive leadership models, equipping them to be spiritually grounded to make a difference within humanity, and empowering them to become competent leaders with a passion for lifelong learning.



We are Creating a New Reality. We realize that successful people can create their own reality. Our vision is to create a new reality where young black men are sought out as leaders of our GLOBAL community.


At the YBM Leadership Alliance Our methods set us apart.

  • We focus on developing college educated 21st century leaders. All of our training and activities are built around developing a strong resume and experience base that will help the young men obtain post secondary higher education, scholarships and develop life experiences, leadership skills and strong character. Critical for 21st century leaders.
  • Our program includes education opportunities and activities for parents, guardians and coaches along side of the programs for young black men because we realize that parents, guardians, mentors and coaches are critical to the success of the young black man.
  • We focus on promoting positive messages and images. We recognize our young black men are bombarded with negative message and images each day therefore we seek to provide a counter balance of an abundance of positive images and messages.
  • We seek to leverage existing programs and industry best practices. We leverage where we can but we always keep in mind our audience therefore we sometimes have to customize or create new programs.
  • All of our programs and activities are designed to be highly interactive and engaging. Every program is purposely designed with developing a strong college resume, leadership skills and core values.

YBM Leadership Alliance Target Audience

The YBM Leadership Alliance program is targeted toward young black men ages 14 to 18 who exhibit leadership skills and who are reachable and teachable.


YBM Leadership Alliance Non Discrimination Policy

The YBM Leadership Alliance and YBM Leadership Academy does not discriminate in any program, activity, or in employment on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, sex, or sexual orientation.

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I heard Jeremiah and Chris talking about the different speakers with a few of their friends that evening, and how it was the best conference ever!

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