Announcing YBM’s College Prep Academy!

YBM’s College Prep Academy is designed to help young men and their parents prepare for college selection, admissions and obtaining scholarship. The young men will participate in college prep workshops, tours, leadership training and community service projects. All College Prep Academy aspects are focused on building a strong college-ready resume because college officials confirm a strong resume is a crucial component of college acceptance, obtaining scholarships, and securing internships.


The program provides valuable information about planning college tours, selecting the right college or university, completing the application, identifying and applying for relevant scholarships, understanding the financial aid and college loan processes, and other areas critical to college success.


The students also gain critical leadership and life skills. They make connections with business leaders in the community who share their experiences. The program is divided into semesters and runs parallel with the school year. The students meet two to three times a month in a series of workshops, service learning projects, and college tours. Program goals include building a strong resume, selecting five preferred schools, completing college applications for early admission, applying early for five to ten scholarships, and applying for financial aid.


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The Gala was amazing! The hard work you and your team put in was evident and the evening was flawless.

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