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Haiti Mission 2015

The YBM Haiti Mission trip was an awesome life changing experience. The mission team spent time in devotion, prayer, service, global leadership workshops and cultural exchange with the Haitian people.
The primary objective of the YBM Haiti Mission trip was to share our love, compassion, knowledge, skills, and resources with the people of Haiti. The secondary objective of the mission trip was to increase the cultural intelligence (CQ), sensitivity, experience, and global awareness of the YBM team. The trip also provided the YBM Student Ambassadors the opportunity to use their leadership skills in real-world service work that will have a positive impact on the world.


The mission team included six YBM high school and college students, five YBM mentors, six Haitian young leaders, two volunteers from Heartline Ministries, one tour guide from Heartline Ministries, and two Haitian interpreters/bodyguards.
The expanded mission team traveled across Port-au-Prince Haiti sharing a message of compassion, love and service. During the trip, they had the opportunity to attend a Haitian church service in a local village, visit a teen summer camp for girls and serve at two orphanages. The team also expanded their cultural knowledge by visiting several traditional Haitian locations including downtown Port-au-Prince, a Haitian store, Lake Azuei and the beautiful Wahoo beach.
The global impact of the YBM Mission Team is as follows:
• YBM team served over 500 community service hours
• Washed the feet, provided shoes, and prayed over 250+ Haitian children and adults
• Provided 392 meals to Haitian orphans (2 weeks worth of food)
• Served at 2 orphanages and 1 summer camp for girls
• Engaged in over 24 hours of cultural exchange with 6 Haitian young men
• Facilitated a Global Leadership Workshop for 23 attendees
• Countless number of hugs, words of encouragement and prayers
Mission By the Numbers
• Second mission trip to Haiti for 5 members of the YBM team
• First mission trip for 7 members of the YBM team
• First trip to Haiti for 7 members of the YBM team
• First time washing feet and providing shoes for 8 members of the YBM team
• First time playing volleyball for 5 of the Haitian young leaders
The mission trip was a tremendous success that changed the lives of all who attended including the Haitian young leaders. The trip allowed the young men to gain valuable international experience while exercising their leadership skills.
Thank you for your support in our effort to Create A New Reality by expanding our global reach and positive impact through our international service work.

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It was even better to see the organization, the passion and sincerity of you as leaders.

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