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Jacotron Potts


For many years, Jacotron A. Potts has served the community as a minister, mentor, innovative thinker, strategist and an empowerment communicator. Potts serves as a catalyst for innovative change and solutions for organizations agents as positive influencers.
In 2010, Potts launched into entrepreneurship by founding ICAN: I Change a Nation. ICAN is an empowerment company designed to help “individuals and organization tap into higher levels of innovation, creativity and empowerment. In 2015, Potts reorganized his business and launched The Potts Group, LLC. to expand the scope of empowerment service. Jacotron Potts has served on the staff of Right Moves For Youth, National Conference For Community and Justice, Community development with Johnston, YMCA, and The Park Church as Youth Pastor.


The consultant, life coach, and ordained minister has served in churches, businesses, non-profit organizations and in mission field will leaders in Brazil, Isiolo, Kenya and Nairobi, Kenya.


Potts A Charlotte native is the former Talk show host of “BMA Live” and “Check This Out”, He has received several awards for his service including the “Young Adult of the Year Award” by the Charlotte Chapter of the National Black Political Caucus, Extraordinary Black Man Award by the Black Man Can Institute, the Servant Leader award from West Charlotte High School Athletic program, the Keeper Of The Dream Award from the North Carolina Chapter of the United Negro College Fund and the Martin Luther King Jr. Growing the Dream Award. Potts was a part of the 2010-2012 inaugural Leaders Under 40 Group sponsored the Community Building Initiative. Potts has been featured in several local and regional media outlets.

In addition, Potts currently serves as campus lead for The Park Church Beatties Ford Road, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Bishop Claude Richard Alexander, Jr. Potts has always felt a deep calling to give voice and attention to those who often are not given the microphone. It is through this deep call that he travels to offer love, hope and empowerment to men and women in prisons, schools, fragile communities, and those professional that serve the community.


Potts does not take for granted any opportunity to serve people. Whether in large venues or smaller settings, he is known to ignite participant’s personal power, cultivate their skills and build their confidence for positive change.
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