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Kwain Bryant



Kwain Bryant is a keynote presenter, program developer, and training
specialist with Empowerment Exchange. He is a “Motivational
Teacher” that inspires everyone to reach their full potential. Mr. Bryant
presents on local, regional, and national levels. He is a graduate of
North Carolina Central University, the place in which he developed his
passion for education and empowering others.


Mr. Bryant is the founder Empowerment Exchange a training and
development Company and the Youth Services Manager with Goodwill
Industries of the Southern Piedmont. As Senior Consultant for
Empowerment Exchange, Mr. Bryant regularly provides consultation and
training to various organizations and human service agencies across the
country while continuing to lead his team at Goodwill Industries in
working directly with adolescents and teens. Kwain is a highly sought
after speaker and trainer. Mr. Bryant is known for his energetic and
enthusiastic presentations. He believes that knowledge is power but
enthusiasm is the switch that turns it on. All of his presentations are
designed to be responsive, timely and engaging
EOS 7D-5018

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