Scholarship Help for Seniors!

YBM Leadership Alliance is proud to announce our first “YBM Senior Academy” starting in December. REGISTER NOW! The purpose of the Senior Academy is to help our YBM families find scholarship money for college and to help our young men have a seamless and stress-free transition from high school to college. Graduation is a milestone event which should be filled with joy and celebration. Allow YBM help you to remove the burden of worrying about funds to begin your next step towards achieving your goals and dreams!

We invite parents and seniors to join us in this new and very exciting program.

All students must meet the program criteria to participate:
African American Male
3.0 Weighted GPA (Minimum)
High School Senior

Complete the following 2 steps to register:

Step 1 – Pay



Step 2 – Complete Profile


Once you have paid you can complete the Scholarship profile at this link

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He is more knowledgeable about finances and has some improved maturity.

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