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Steven Wade Block

Steven Wade Block, MBA
Financial Services Professional

Steve is a man of faith, driven by the core principle that the choices we make determine the life we live. Ask him to elaborate, and he’d say, “every single day, we make choices that show whether we live life with courage, or not. We constantly choose between the right thing and the easy, convenient, right now thing. We either stick to a conviction, or we cave in for the sake of comfort, greed, or approval. We choose to either take a carefully thought out plan, or crawl into a shrinking shell of safety, security, and inactivity. Doing the right thing is rarely easy, but it is always right.”

Simply stated, Steve educates and empowers those who are willing to choose, make the right financial choices today and take personal responsibility so they don’t have to worry about tomorrow. In so doing, he coaches them on how to create lasting financial peace for themselves, their families, and the generations to follow. Simply stated, he designs and implements strategic solutions that help families create the income they need to send their children to college, retire without fear, and transfer wealth to future generations.

A long-standing advocate and champion for college education, Steve feels that every child should have the opportunity to build upon and excel beyond the accomplishments of previous generations. Along these lines, he considers himself an “evangelist” to overcome the knowledge gap of how to make college affordable and attainable for all families. And, by doing so, he hopes to fulfill his passion, which is to help parents create the right expectation in their children, from the earliest of age, that they graduate with a college education, and become lifelong learners.

Earlier in his career, Steve was a Financial Analyst with Texaco, Inc., where he was responsible for $1.7 billion dollars. Since then, he has coupled his financial acumen and analytic abilities with expertise in consulting and client relationship services, project management, and information technology. In addition, he has coached thousands of college students throughout the country as a “Visiting Professor” with the National Urban League’s Black Executive Exchange Program. This work nurtured a deep personal passion, and has given birth to a calling to help the youth and their parents discover, take ownership of, and achieve their true potential.

Steve holds a Bachelors degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and a MBA from Rutgers University. He has over 20+ years experience in financial services in various roles and positions at companies including Prudential, Merrill Lynch, and CIGNA. He currently lives in the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte with his wife, and two future, college bound children.

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He is taking more responsibility. His attitude has changed. He knows what he wants to do has a career and what college he would like to attend.

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