Top 100 YBM of the Week – John Johnson (5/21)

John Johnson sees success in his future and he has the focus and determination to achieve his goals. This East Mecklenburg High junior is concerned about young black men and women in his community and works to make things better. These are a few of the reasons this East Mecklenburg Senior High School junior is our Top 100 Young Black Man of the week.


Johnson takes his academic life seriously. He takes pride in the fact that he is drug free and excels academically and athletically in school. His weighted GPA of 4.27 shows he works hard to succeed. He says it’s not because he has advantages, but rather, “because I am focused and determined.”


Johnson is concerned about the low high school graduation statistics for minority youth. “I would like to see more of our African American brothers and sisters taking a value in education,” he says. He sees the value of education and plans to attend a university. His top choices are Emory, UNC Chapel Hill and Furman. His majors reflect his versatility: chemistry, biology and music.


The list of his activities demonstrates the variety of interests he pursues and masters. Science: He competed in the National Chemistry Olympiad this year. Music: He is a
Trumpet Leader in his high school band and sings in the Charlotte Children’s Choir. Athletics: He is on the Varsity Rugby team and played varsity tennis at his freshman year, but turned to soccer. He is now the Team Captain for the Charlotte United Futbol Club. He is also a member of the Ping Pong Club. He is a school leader, serving on various committees and boards. He is leader in Boy Scouts, is active in his church and has performed many hours of community service.


Johnson believes in himself and works hard to live up to his personal expectations. “I have never made excuses, even though there were plenty of times I could have had a reason to not do well, but I have just done my best.”


YBM Leadership Alliance salutes John Johnson as one of Charlotte’s Top 100 Young Black Men.

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