College Prep Academy

The primary goal of the Top 100 College Prep Academy (CPA) is to help the young men and their parents prepare for the competitive college admission process. The program includes SAT prep, essay writing assistance, hours of college consulting, college tours and scholarship application assistance. As a bonus, students have the opportunity to attend the YBM Leadership Conference and College & Career Fair.
CPA Participants Will:

  • Complete their college Common Application
  • Develop a unique high school resume in advance of key early admission dates
  • Receive one-on-one college counseling on their college, major and career choices
  • Attend SAT prep boot camp to increase their test scores to give them a better chance of admission
  • Get writing assistance in completing selected essay topics
  • Get expert advice and will apply to at least 3 scholarships

    CPA Options

    After you have made payment please select a college assessment date.

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    I heard Jeremiah and Chris talking about the different speakers with a few of their friends that evening, and how it was the best conference ever!

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