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The YBM Membership Program is a monthly leadership development and college preparation program for high school aged young black men and their parents. The program is designed to help the young men maximize their leadership, academic and career potential while developing a clear pathway to success. The program includes college prep workshops, college tours, leadership challenges, community service events, career readiness activities and social events. The program is designed to keep the young men engaged while developing a positive peer network. The program also includes a parent component designed to provide a supportive learning network for parents of young black men.

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Program Benefits

  • Participants attend college and leadership development workshops
  • Participants build college and professional resumes
  • Attend local and regional college tours
  • Speak with College Admissions Counselors and Financial Aid Advisers
  • Spend time with YBM College Ambassadors on their respective college campuses
  • Build positive peer networks with like minded college bound young men
  • Participate in social events and community service activities with peers
  • Parent workshops and conference calls
  • Engage with successful positive black male role models


  • College bound young black high school freshman to senior
  • Minimum GPA requirements
    • Rising Freshman (A/B honor role)
    • Freshman – 2.5 weighted GPA
    • Sophomore – 2.8 weighted GPA
    • Junior/Senior – 3.0 weighted GPA

Program Activities

  • 2-3 activities per month (see schedule)
  • Activities include college prep workshops, leadership activities, college tours, community service activities and social events
  • Parent workshops and conference calls are also included

Program Cost

  • The program has been designed to be affordable for all. The program cost is $25 deposit and $25 per month. The program fees cover all standard activities and several “bonus” events. On a few occasions the members have the opportunity to attend additional activities for a reduced additional cost (ie SAT Prep Classes).



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It was amazing! Our students enjoyed it tremendously! I really believe it was life-changing for them.

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