YBM Recognizes Seniors at Scholars Day

YBM to Honor College Bound Seniors
Athletes have National Signing Day, when they ink an agreement to play for a certain college or university and take a big step toward the future. They are recognized because of their athletic prowess. For several black, high school seniors, YBM Scholar Day will be just as important. It is the day YBM Leadership Alliance hosts an event to celebrate and recognize the academic prowess of several deserving black, male high school seniors in the Charlotte area.
YBM Leadership Alliance has worked with young, black men across the Charlotte region, providing leadership training, mentorship opportunities, and valuable networking events. Last September, the second edition of “The Top 100 Young Black Men of Charlotte” was released. One hundred young, black scholars were highlighted for their achievements in the classroom, their involvement in their schools, and their service in their community. Now, the organization has special reward for some of them.
On YBM Scholars Day several young men will receive YBM Scholarships; giving each young man a leg up toward his future. John Martin, YBM Founder and CEO, says this day will be an event that will make a big difference in these young men’s lives. “We have worked with some of these young men for years and we want them to know how proud we are of each of them and their accomplishments,” says Martin. “These young men have worked hard to be great high school students, role models and mentors. Now, they are about to embark on this important phase of their lives. We want to help them as much as we can. We also want to give their families and their community an opportunity to celebrate their outstanding academic achievements in a public manner.”
The community is welcome to join us as we celebrate these young scholars as they prepare for college. Space is limited and registration which is required is first come first served. Registration is available at http://www.ybmleadership.com/scholarsday/.
YBM Scholar Day

    Date: Sunday, June 1, 2014
    Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    Location: Dressler’s Restaurant
    Address: 1100 Metropolitan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

About YBM Leadership Alliance

YBM Leadership Alliance is a non-profit organization focused on leadership development and college preparation for young black men. YBM highlights 100 high achieving young black high school seniors in their Top 100 Young Black Men of Charlotte Publication. Young leaders in YBM mentor elementary school students in reading literacy. For more information about YBM please go to www.ybmleadership.com

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