YBM Scholars Day Luncheon

YBM Leadership Alliance is proud to announce the YBM Scholars Day Award Luncheon. Scholars Day was designed to provide positive recognition for academic achievements, leadership skills, and service to the community. During the luncheon, YBM will announce the Top 100 Young Black Men Scholarship and other award winners. Each Top 100 Scholar will be celebrated for their college selection and scholarship awards. The YBM Scholars Day Award Luncheon is a community celebration of the achievements of our young leaders. The event will be held on June 2, 2013 from 2PM to 5PM at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Registration is required. See below to register.

YBM Scholars Day Flyer


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I heard Jeremiah and Chris talking about the different speakers with a few of their friends that evening, and how it was the best conference ever!

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