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William Wilson


There are a lot of words you can use to describe William Wilson: celebrity clothing designer, speaker or philanthropist, to name a few. But if you ask him, he will tell you: “I’m just a country boy from Arkansas. That’s all I ever have been, and that’s all I ever will be.” Though this may be partially true, there is much more to William. Under the childishly simplistic manner in which he approaches life is a meticulous, creative and savvy businessman with an eye for detail and little tolerance for excuses or poor quality. His designs are clean, flawless and based more on a person’s individual and personal style than the fashion industry’s “look of the month.” William treats every client the same, regardless of social status, and he always exercises discretion. He earns his clients’ trust by building personal and non- business relationships with them – not just looking at them as customers, but often times as friends. The results culminate in an experience unparalleled by any other design firm. Whether you’re in his home base of Charlotte, NC or in the hills of Hollywood, William is quickly becoming the “go-to guy” for many of America’s elite celebrities, CEOs, and professional athletes. No wonder such world-renowned celebrities as DL Hughley, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Chris Canty and many more trust him to be their private tailor.



When you’ve lived the life William Wilson has lived, people want to hear what you have to say. And William has a message for just about every audience. After growing up seeing his mother abused, William then went on to have decorated career in the Navy. After he completed his military service and built a successful construction company from scratch as a civilian, only to see it crumble during the financial crisis of 2007-2008; he built on each of these experiences to become the man behind one of the country’s leading private clothing companies.


William’s story of becoming a nationally renowned celebrity clothing designer with no prior training, experience or connections won’t just floor you – it will inspire you. His story will keep you on the edge of your seat, and make you re-evaluate what you think is possible.

William speaks on a range of topics that are both expansive, yet relevant to his career and success. His areas of expertise include:


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Branding and image
  • Leadership
  • Faith


The mastery in all of these areas has led him to his current status as one of the premier entrepreneurs and designers in the country, with a client list to prove it.


William delivers his message with a style that is powerful, insightful, candid, and from the heart, using his sense of humor and hunger for information to bring his point home. You’ll laugh, you’ll think, and you may even cry. But, most importantly, you will connect. . He has delivered messages to Fortune 500 companies like SIEMENS Corporation, as well as small businesses, executive organizations, non-profits, schools and churches; and each one ends the same: with the room wanting more and being upset that the speech had to end.



William lives by a simple philosophy when it comes to giving back: “If you aren’t giving something to the community, you’re robbing it.” He sees it as simple as that. In a world where everything from news programs to politics seems to be based on expanding a negative narrative, William sees the world much differently. “I think the world is full of good people. Sure there are bad people out there, but I think they are a microcosm of the total number people out there doing good for the world.”


William supports a number of causes from autism to cancer, to Alzheimer’s and ALS. But the one nearest and dearest to his heart is domestic violence.


Growing up, William cried himself to sleep many nights after hearing the thuds and crashes of his mother being thrown against walls at the hands of her abusive husband. He has more memories of seeing his mother in a sling or with a swollen face than any kid should remember. To this day, he attempts to speak on the surface of the issue, because speaking too deeply on it brings him to tears. “The most powerless I have ever felt was being a kid, and not being able to protect my mother,” he once told a reporter. That led him on a road where he protected everyone he could, whether in the Navy defending our country to starting his own celebrity golf tournament to raise awareness of domestic violence.


William began The Clothier Classic, an annual celebrity golf tournament formerly known as the William Wilson Celebrity Invitational, in 2010 to raise funds to support domestic violence awareness organizations. With the help of sponsors and his celebrity friends like Roland Martin, Jay Harris, J Alexander Martin, Steve Weissman, Rodney Perry, John Luke, Dell Curry, Tony Womack and a host of other celebrities, the Clothier Classic is on its way to becoming the premier celebrity charity golf event.

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He is taking more responsibility. His attitude has changed. He knows what he wants to do has a career and what college he would like to attend.

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