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Hello friends,
Thank you for visiting our giving groups page. Over the past two years, I have witnessed several cases of young black men with great grades (4.0 and above) NOT be afforded the opportunity to attend the school of their choice due to LACK of finances to pay for college. These young men had put in the work with their academics, community service and leadership but for whatever the reason did not get the funding that I believe they truly deserved. Being a MAN OF ACTION and a Believer in the Power of Committed, Like Minded People, I have decided to ask people to join me in a Giving Group to provide scholarships for young black men.
Here is how it will work:

    The objective of the Giving Group is to provide scholarships for Deserving Young Black Men!!!
    100% of what we donate will go to scholarships of Deserving Young Black Men!
    You can make your tax deductible donation online or send YBM a check
    I will invite you to the award ceremony and provide you with the name of the scholarship recipient

It is just that simple.
We will start small but I believe this will be a force in our mission to Create A New Reality. The first Giving Group Goal is to provide a $2500 scholarship for one of YBM’s Ambassadors. This is going to be a surprise to him, so I won’t mention his name here but this young man is hard working and has really proven himself to be a great leader for YBM and our community!
To make my goal, I am requesting that 24 people join me in donating $100. As mentioned, 100% of these funds go to this young man’s college scholarship. If you would like to make an immediate impact in the life of a young black man by helping him go to college, contribute below!
Good News Update! – The first person I asked to join my group (my good friend – Katrina Deloatch-Smith) decided to match my group by starting her own group of 25 that will also donate $2500 for a scholarship. So our new goal is two scholarships!
I told you there is power in like-minded, action-oriented individuals!
If you want to join my or Katrina’s group, please select one and make your donation today.
John’s Giving Group Donate Here!


Katrina’s Giving Group Donate Here!

If you want to send a check, email me at and I will provide you with a physical address.
Thank YOU!
John Martin

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It was amazing! Our students enjoyed it tremendously! I really believe it was life-changing for them.

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