What is YBM Leadership Alliance?

YBM Leadership Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on leadership development and college preparation for young black men. Our vision is to create a new reality where young black men are sought out as leaders. We accomplish this by promoting positive images about young black men, developing their leadership capabilities, and imparting a goal for academic excellence. Our young men are trained to be leaders today and are prepared for leadership tomorrow. They give back by mentoring younger students, performing community service, and public speaking.

The YBM Leadership Alliance’s mission is to develop young black men into 21st century Leaders by exposing them to positive leadership models, equipping them to be spiritually grounded to make a difference within humanity, and empowering them to become competent leaders with a passion for lifelong learning.

We are Creating a New Reality. We realize that successful people can create their own reality. Our vision is to create a new reality where young black men are sought out as leaders of our GLOBAL community. We invite you to be a part of the vision!


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John MartinJohn Martin is the CEO and Founder of the Young Black Male (YBM) Leadership Alliance, a non-profit organization focusing on leadership development, college preparation and career readiness for young black men. YBM Leadership Alliance’s vision is to create a new reality by developing a generation of future leaders.

Inspired by his guidance counselor’s comment in his senior year of high school that he was not “college material” and many years later a vision from God during a Get Motivated conference, John was led in 2006 to start the organization that is now known as YBM Leadership Alliance. Read More>

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John I awanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know how awesome Dallas thought all of the speakers at the conference were. He is still talking about what he heard and the young men that he met and I think that you guys are doing something that will impact my son for the rest of his life in a very positive way and I thank all who planned and participated.

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